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Big Bus Sydney – Retail Design

The purpose of the redesign is to promote the hop-on hop-off sightseeing tour and attractions sold in this outlet. This project articulates several design components such as exterior and interior design, POS, front shop map, POS, screen videos and shop floor layout. As a result, customers had a unique shopping experience where all the design components create an atmosphere that reflects Big Bus' mission: 'We fuel the spirit of city adventure'.


The project followed global branding guidelines and complied with marketing and sales requirements, landlord's guidelines and restrictions since the outlet belongs to Sydney Trains. 


The shop was designed for a multicultural and diverse age group audience. The imagery utilised reflects diversity and inclusion. Some POS material was displayed in various languages. 


The design exterior of the shop attracted people not only for hop-on hop-off tours but also to get information and purchases of Sydney's best attractions. The exterior 3D map was an important tool for getting people's attention. The interior design invited people to browse brochures and enabled a better interaction of the staff with customers. The shop layout was split into the shopping and office areas, making the space more functional and versatile.


Role: Project management; video design and editing, concept and design for the interior and exterior of the shop, POS, shop floor layout and furniture selection

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