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Yoga4all - App  


Create an app with the goal of improving health and wellbeing using user experience design methodologies and user testing.


Brand concept, flow diagram, wireframes and prototype.


The Brand

Provide a yoga practice that matches the practitioners' goals and capacities by offering customised asanas and sequences with prop variations.



Andrew is in his mid-40s and started having back pains and getting less agile. He is embarrassed about going to a yoga class because he isn’t flexible and thinks yoga classes are mostly for women. He would like a safe place to explore yoga in his capacity.

LoFi Test Feedback

The LoFi prototype was tested with 5 people. The feedback was crucial for improving the flow and dashboard.


The colour contrast and font size design comply with WCAG level AA.

Results: An app making yoga accessible to everybody despite their age, gender or physical condition.

This project was created for educational purpose as part of Introduction to UX UI Design course at TAFE NSW.

Fim Festival - Website


Cinema Booking site, conduct qualitative user research (interviews), create user flows, customer journey map, design a prototype, and create test scripts based on identified user stories for user testing.  

This project was created for educational purpose as part of the Graduate Certificate in UX and Web Design at Torrens University.

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